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Marmé, N., Habl, G. & Knemeyer, J. P. (2005). Aggregation behavior of the red-absorbing oxazine derivative MR 121: A new method for determination of pure dimer spectra, Chemical Physics Letters, 2005(408), 221-225.


In this Letter, we investigated the dimerization behavior of the red-absorbing oxazine derivative MR121. Thereby a new method to determine absorption spectra of pure non-fluorescent H-type dye dimers is presented. Therefore, the amino acid lysine is doubly labeled with the fluorescent dye in order to obtain an absorption spectrum mainly caused by dimers. By subtracting the fraction arising from monomeric dye, the dimer spectrum is generated. The extinction coefficient at absorption maximum (608n

Art der Begutachtung: Peer Review(Double-blind peer review)
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