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Friedrich, A., Hoheisel, J. D., Knemeyer, J. P. & Marmé, N. (2011). A Universal Method for Generating Stoichiometrically 1:1 Labeled Functional Proteins, Proteomics, 2011(11), 3757-3760.


A universally applicable labelling and purification process was established to prepare biologically active proteins with a stoichiometric 1:1 ratio of attached dye-label. The dye-label is linked to a specific DNA sequence, which acts as a barcode-like tag for affinity purification. The DNA-dye tag is covalently bound to the target protein, which is present in excess to assure the binding of not more than one dye per molecule. Affinity purification occurs at magnetic beads that are functionalized

Art der Begutachtung: Peer Review(Double-blind peer review)
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